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Moving to a New Apollo Beach Home – the Expenses

Moving to a New Apollo Beach Home – the Expenses

Moving to a New HomeNow you need to factor in any extra costs into your budget.

You’ll be shocked when you begin getting your inventory of boxes and packing supplies together. Moving is big business and companies are making a lot of money selling this stuff. Whenever you can, try to re-use packing supplies. A local liquor store and grocery store can be very helpful. Your moving company may sell re-used boxes and packing materials at a discount. Start early and build up your supply.

Moving to a New Home

Ask about the cost of purchasing last minute boxes in case you run out. It’s expensive if you have to purchase them new from the moving company.

Offering lunch and beverages to the movers is a gesture that’s extremely appreciated. It also ensures they aren’t running off to get lunch elsewhere and using up your valuable moving time. In fact, planning on a morning snack and pizza later on is a good idea. Oh, and coffee run is a nice touch.

Additionally, you may consider tipping your movers, it’s totally optional, some do, and some don’t.

If the movers are paid hourly, and they didn’t estimate enough time, every extra hour gets added to your bill.

Additional Charges

Replacing damaged goods can make the move more expensive. If you’ve purchased moving insurance, the guidelines for making a claim are stringent. Read the fine print. Generally, your standard homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover contents while they’re in transit.

Larger items that require special handling, such as a piano, artwork, a billiard table or a vehicle, translates into a bigger bill.

Additional Costs

How are you getting to your final destination? Remember to include your own traveling costs, hotel, meals, and transportation.

The cost to ship your vehicle to the new home needs to be calculated into the final costs.

Generally, movers do a pretty good job of estimating the final weight of a shipment, but it’s never spot-on and they rarely estimate lower than the final tally. Be prepared for a larger bill than the estimate.

Will some of your belonging be sent to storage? Make sure you understand all costs including cancellation and late fees that may also apply.

One possible benefit?  If this move is job related and within a specific distance to your job, the expenses could tax deductible. Do some research and see if this applies to you.

If you’re thinking of selling or buying in the Apollo Beach area, get in touch with me. I can tell you of movers in the area that my past buyers and sellers have liked.


linda reynolds

broker of reynolds realty gulf coast, inc. she approaches each listing or purchase as if it were her own home. using a consultant approach to guide and teach each customer the ins and outs of their transaction. never pushy, always helpful and there to walk you through each step of the way. very resourceful and very experienced in foreclosures, short sales and of course regular sales.

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