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Parrish is located on Hwy 301, south of Sun City Center and north of Ellenton/Palmetto.

As for Parrish today….the old Parrish General Supply still stands and is still open for business. It is stocked with hardware, plumbing supplies, large & small animal feeds, ranch supplies and much much more! It’s the only hardware/feed store around unless you drive to Ellenton or Palmetto. The Parrish General Supply is where you can also find out what the buzz is around town and what’s new with development in town.

There is one blinking light as you drive through Parrish. No other traffic lights exist as of yet.

Parrish is well known for the Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum. It is located just behind the Parrish Post Office and operates entirely on volunteers.

It operates excursion trains consisting of its own rolling stock every weekend, year round.

Parrish is still pretty much an “old country town” as much as it can be these days. Many of the farmers still head into town to get their supplies and catch up on the latest news. But to the dismay of many of the farmers and long time residents, many of the orange groves and cow pastures along Hwy 301, Buckeye Rd and Moccasin Wallow have been bought up by developers and are being turned into subdivisions. Parrish is growing by leaps and bounds every year despite the fighting many of the current residents have been doing to save Parrish and keep it the same small town it has been in the past.

The CVS Pharmacy just opened at the corner of Hwy 301 and Erie Rd which means more stores, fast food restaurants and businesses are on the way. The drive down Hwy 301 today is changing daily it seems. New subdivisions are popping up all over the place and orange groves and cow pastures are disappearing. More and more “coming soon” signs are also taking the place of where the cows used to roam. Soon will be the days of a four lane highway, and Parrish won’t even be recognizable!

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